10 Countries To Visit In Europe

Europe is the most beautiful continent of all the seven continents in the world. Europe is well known for its culture and beauty. People from every part of the world come to visit Europe and explore its beauty. Europe consists of 44 countries and we have listed 10 of the best countries to visit at least once in your lifetime.

1. Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a city situated in Germany. It has a population of 7.36 lacs as per the reports of year 2016. In terms of area it is the fifth largest city in Germany. It is one of the most attractive tourist places. There are some famous places one should visit in Frankfurt like; Romer - The Iconic Town hall, Palmengarten – Botanical garden, Main Tower and Goethe House.

2 Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the major cities in Turkey. It is also the city with the highest population in Turkey. The population has increased tremendously since the 1950’s. It is world’s fifth most famous place for tourist destination.

3 Geneva

Geneva is a city located in Switzerland. It comes on the second position in terms of population in Switzerland. It is a very pretty and peaceful city in Switzerland. Geneva has the highest temperature of up-to 39.7 degrees and the lowest has gone down till -20 degrees.

4 Madrid

As we all know, Madrid is the capital of Spain and it is home to two of the most popular teams in football; Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid. The famous places to visit in Madrid are: - Royal Palace of Madrid, Plaza Mayor, Museo Nacional Del Prado and El Retiro Park etc.

5 Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and has a population of 9.6 lacs. Stockholm is located on the east coast line of Sweden. The city consists of 14 islands namely; Stockholm archipelago, Uto, Moja, Grinda, Finnhamn, Svartso, Ljustero, Djurgarden, Riddarholmen, Ingmarso, Kymmendo, Kastellholmen, Lilla Essingen, Ornö.

6 Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy and the most populated metropolitan city of Italy. The Vatican City is the smallest country in the whole world and it is situated in the boundaries of the city Rome and is also the only existing example of a country within a city.

7 Vienna

Vienna is one of the largest city of the country Austria and also one of the nine states of Austria. It comes on the second place in terms of German speaking language after Berlin. Vienna is also known by the name “City of Dreams”. Vienna is also known for its high standards of living. It has a record of 6.8 million tourists each year.

8 Munich

Munich is located in Germany. It consists of a population of 6 million people. It derived its name from the Old/Middle High German term Munichen which means “by the monks”. The city mainly attracts tourists because of its arts, culture, technology, finance, education, business etc. It is also rated as the world’s most liveable cities.

9 Oslo

Oslo is the capital of the country Norway and also is the most populated in Norway. The first name of the city was Kristiania and was later changes to Oslo. The population of Oslo was around 1.7 million. The city was established as a municipality on 3rd January, 1838.

10 Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany and the largest by both area and population. The city comes under one of Germany’s 16 Federal States. The four most popular places to visit in Berlin are; Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Cathedral Church, Memorial to the murdered Jews, Reichstag Building etc.

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