Top 5 Beaches To Visit In Maharashtra!

Kids, Youth, Middle-aged people, Old people all of them love this one thing! Chocolates? Yes, but something else too! BEACHES. Who doesn't love to go to a beach, sit in front of the oceanic water, eat street food, play with family and friends, take a dive inside the water? As a kid, you wish you have a home right in front of the beach and you get to play with the sand and water every day! And when you are in Maharashtra or stay in Maharashtra, you are blessed with so many beautiful beaches to visit! Grand Tourio brings to you TOP 5 Beaches You Must Visit In Maharashtra!

Juhu Beach

Start with a bang! Juhu Beach is undoubtedly one of the beaches you must visit when in Maharashtra. Lying in the heart of Mumbai, a place people dream to have their home, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of this beach. May it a morning walk along the shoreline or a casual afternoon you want to spend with your friends, or a special evening with your special half and don't even ask about the beautiful nights at this beach, you will be leaving with a memory for a lifetime no matter what time you visit this beach. Juhu Beach is a place where you tend to give away all your worries and negative thoughts to the water which gets lost in the unknown and you feel happy and blessed to be around such beautiful creation of nature!

Ganpatipule beach

No other beach in Maharashtra can match the beauty of this beach. This beach is blessed with wonderful natural beauty and is heaven for all the nature lovers. Ganpatipule Beach is the calmest and less polluted beach in Maharashtra which makes it even more attractive destination. Apart from this, you can also visit the holy Ganpatipule temple which is nearby. This beach is truly heartwarming and the best place to relax and rejuvenate. The watersports activities here is what makes this beach different from others.

Madh Island Beach

Madh Island Beach is one of the cleanest and most famous beaches in Mumbai. This beach is best for Mumbaikars who want to spend their weekend and take a break from crowded city life. Madh Fort also known as "Versova Fort" is another tourist spot which you must definitely visit. Madh Island Beach is the top destination and the most popular venue for shooting Bollywood films and daily soaps. The only drawback is that this beach is crowded most of the times.

Tarkali Beach

Located on the coast of Maharashtra almost 6 km south of Malvan, Tarkali is the cleanest, calm and beautiful beach to visit in Maharashtra. The biggest attraction for tourist here is scuba diving. If you wish to visit a beach which is less crowded then Tarkali beach is the one. The water here is very clear and blue which looks beautiful. The other places you can visit near Tarkali Beach are Sindhudurg Fort, Vengurai rocks and other temples.

Kashid Beach

Kashid Beach is well known for its crystal clear water and golden sands. Kashid beach is approximately 30 km from Alibag and located along the coast of the Arabian sea. October to February is the best time to visit this amazing place. You also get to enjoy many water activities such as jet ski rides, paragliding and boat rides. Kashid beach is the best option for a weekend trip with your family or group of friends.

Whenever you feel like relaxing and getting away from the hectic life of the city visit these amazing beaches for weekend getaways.